Thai Culture in Minnesota

by Xiaoyi Wang
Wat Thai of Minnesota converted an old church into a new Buddhist temple, bringing Thai culture to the Twin Cities.
US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Ambassador Thomas A. Shannon, at the reception to celebrate Bangladesh’s 47th Independence Day, made a speech to affirm the value of US-Bangladesh friendship and partnership.

“Vietnam: A Country, Not a War”

by Anh Pham
Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust echoed the slogan when she made a stop at two universities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam during her trip to Southeast Asia.

Myanmar Welcomes the Peace Corps

by Khun Nyan Min Htet
In March, the Golden Land welcomed its second group of Peace Corps volunteers for a two-year English education project.

American Adversaries

by Peter Valente
A new survey reveals which countries are viewed as enemies by most Americans