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The SCC agreement tasks Japan with two roles: to reinforce its capability to defend its own sovereign territory, specifically the Senkaku Islands, and to reach out and assist Southeast Asian countries in building up their own defensive capabilities.

US-Korea Student Programs Extended

by Alex Forster
Programs that facilitate American students going to Korea, as well as Korean students coming to the US, were extended this week. Under these programs, students are able to study, travel throughout the country, and work as interns.

U.S. Grain Exports To Southeast Asia Continue to Grow

by Asad Latif
Headlines around the world have been captured by the partial government shutdown in the United States and the threat of a debt default. However, below the surface of the stormy waters, the quiet work of building economic ties between it and Southeast Asia continues.

Hyundai Breaks Ground on New Facility in Georgia

by Alex Forster
An auto parts subsidiary of Hyundai broke ground last week on a new $35 million facility in the state of Georgia. Hyundai already operates a major car manufacturing facility in Alabama and its subsidiary, Kia, operates another one in Georgia.
In what has been described as a “can’t miss” event by CEO Rich Cooper of the Ports for Indiana, over 300 executives, exporters, importers and business leaders from Indiana’s rail, ports and shipping industries will convene at the Indiana Convention Center on October 9th and 10th...