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US Jobs Supported by Imports from China -- Heritage Foundation Study

by Damien Tomkins
A new report concludes that imports of toys and clothes alone from China support over 500,000 jobs here in the United States in the retail, transportation, wholesale, finance, and construction industries, among others. This Heritage Foundation study makes the case that...
San Antonio municipal utility CPS Energy has partnered with two South Korean firms to build a series of solar photovoltaic power plants in what will be the largest municipal solar power field in the US. The plants will provide a total capacity of 400 MW of power when...
On July 13, more than 200 business leaders and top government officials, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, gathered in Siem Reap, Cambodia, for a conference to expand American business access and interest in Southeast Asia. Hosted by the US-ASEAN Business...

Trade Representatives Mark Two Months of KORUS

by Alex Forster
On May 16th, Ron Kirk, the US Trade Representative, and Bark Tae-ho, the Korean Minister for Trade, led the first KORUS FTA Joint Committee meeting, which oversees the ongoing implementation of the FTA.
On April 16th, the Executive Directors of the World Bank selected Dr. Jim Yong Kim, currently serving as president of Dartmouth College, to succeed Robert Zoellick as president of the global development loan agency beginning this July.
ASEAN countries have long been an important international market for US agricultural exports. The United States, in 2011, exported almost $9.6 billion of agricultural products to ASEAN, making it the sixth-largest export destination for US farmers, ranchers, and...

Little States Expect Big Gains from KORUS

by Alex Forster
The US-Korea Free Trade Agreement, set to take effect on March 15, nearly five years after it was first drafted, has major implications for many of America’s industries, both large and small.