Education & Exchange


University of Illinois Adapts to Make Chinese Students Feel at Home

by Sarah Wang
With over 5,000 students from China, the University of Illinois has been making strides to make their college experience feel more like home, from opening familiar stores and restaurants to broadcasting football games in Mandarin.

Maryland Schools Strengthening US-Japan Ties

by Raveena Ugale
With sister state and sister school ties going back over three decades, students from Maryland and Japan are important players in the future of the US-Japan relationship.

Minnesota a Hub for Hmong Heritage

by Nate Schlabach
A special exhibit is recognizing the culture and contributions of the Hmong in honor of the upcoming anniversary of their journey from Laos to Minnesota.

Signature US-Korea Student Exchange Program Continues, But Underperforms

by Minseong Baek
A combination of factors is preventing the Work, English Study, and Travel (WEST) program from achieving maximum participation, despite great opportunities to pursue language education and internships for career experience in the US.