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Bumpy Road to the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration

by Katherine G. Southwick
Katherine G. Southwick, International Law and Development Consultant recently based in the Philippines, explains that for ASEAN “Progress will be slow, but the establishment of human rights institutions is an irreversible process, through which member states will be...

Japanese Politics: “Season Three”

by Hirofumi Kawaguchi
Hirofumi Kawaguchi, Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Tokyo, explains that “The LDP’s landslide victory does not mean that Japanese voters enthusiastically support the LDP.”
When outgoing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton welcomed incoming Japan Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida to Washington for the first time in his new official capacity on January 18, 2013, both officials highlighted the US-Japan relationship and the alliance in...

Japan’s Election: Watching the Wrong Hawks

by Crystal Pryor
Crystal Pryor, recent Japan Studies Visiting Fellow at the East-West Center in Washington, explains that “While Abe has been termed a ‘hawk’ or ‘nationalist’ in Western media outlets, these terms carry different connotations in American discourse than they do...